Master of Ceremonies

When you need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) who engages and entertains your guests while keeping your event moving along, call Robyn Braley.
With Robyn as the MC, you can relax. Tap into his years of experience as a speaker, singer, radio host, TV Artist and concert promoter. He has hosted hundreds of business, not-for-profit and community events in large auditoriums and small intimate spaces.

He’s Funny

Humor and observations from everyday life are woven into each event. His jokes and illustrations are relevant and “family” appropriate. His relaxed manner also allows him to “exploit” spontaneous “in the moment” opportunities for extra laughs.


Have you been to a funeral where soon became obvious the moderator didn’t know the deceased? Robyn researches each event to make sure sponsors, organizers and honored guests receive the profile they deserve. His comments are timely, relevant, and accurate.


Robyn has produced major concerts, political events, conferences, videos and live broadcasts. Organizers can lean on this professional experience when planning and managing the “show” on the day of the event. For larger events or live television, Robyn is accustomed to working with a teleprompter.

National Anthems

Robyn’s professional music experience provides an added benefit. He will sing O’ Canada, God Save the Queen, The Star-Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful if asked. He can sing them with or without accompaniment.

Master of Ceremonies

  • Conferences
  • Business Events
  • Broadcast Events
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Music Concerts
  • Faith Based Events
  • Political Events
Robyn Braley - MC