Robyn T. Braley - Speaker at Buildex Vancouver 2017

Buildex 2016 - November 9 - 11

Wednesday, Feb. 15 • 1:00pm–3:30pm • EB $75/REG $85 • ROOM 212

W26: Increase the Power of Personal Communications

(Professional & Personal Skills Development)

[ AIBC 2.5 Non-Core LUs • BOMI 2.5 CPDs • 2 Hours IDCEC Approved • 2.5 CPD BC Housing Recognized ]

Leaders know that effective communications can mean the difference between success and failure. This three hour workshop, presented by Robyn T. Braley, will put you on the path to becoming an effective and efficient communicator. Providing practical tips and tricks that will enhance your arsenal of personal communications, whether it’s one on one, before large audiences, through the media or in times of crisis, attendees will take away basics that can be immediately implemented. This presentation will cover:

  • Communication Basics; Increase the power of 1 on 1 communication with employees, customers and others you need to influence. Take away tips that will help you negotiate, motivate, build relationships or deliver good news and bad.
  • Voice & Body Language 101; Learn how to add power and impact to your message whether communicating with 1 or 1,000.
  • Crisis Communications; when disaster happens, you’re never fully prepared. Learn 10 communications tips for what to do if it happens to you.
  • Communicating Through the Media; People respond to news. When a story works – it really works!  News stories produce an immediate response. You will learn 10 key performance tips for mainsteam media and social media like YouTube Videos and Podcasting.
  • Speak Up, Speak Out; Public speaking is a terrifying experience for many leaders. It doesn’t have to be. Performance and production tips will boost your confidence.
  • Social Media Basics; This section will not be “how to” by “why!” Key communications threats and opportunities leaders need to understand.


Robyn T. Braley - Keynote Speaker

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