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Writing is a key element in brand-building and telling your story. Robyn writes corporate copy that communicates, online content that works, retail copy that sells, and compassionate copy that moves people to take action. It’s all about finding your voice.

He has been published by numerous magazines and daily newspapers. He has 3 books at the draft stage.

Robyn has written scripts for many videos and TV and Radio commercials. He also writes copy for print ads.


A world-wide audience anticipates monthly posts that share his branding, insight and knowledge on two blog sites, Brandit, and Building the Rotary Brand.


For more than 20 years Robyn has written for oil and gas, commercial construction, manufacturing, high tech, environmental and other business to business clients. Many operate in highly specialized or regulated sectors that require a full understanding of the issues and sensitivities that make them unique.


How do you know when retail advertising works? When customers come through the door, your inbox is flooded with email inquiries and the phone starts ringing. Retail is all about results. Writing for the retail market requires talent, skill, and great ideas. The best retail writers have hands-on experience writing for integrated media.


Not-for-profit writers must recognize the highly sensitive issues and protocols that impact this area. NFP’s spend years building relationships between clients, donors, collaborative agencies, the community and government. And, the bottom line? Don’t make any of them mad!

Robyn has written for child and family services, domestic violence, addictions recovery, unplanned pregnancy, micro credit, seniors, education, victims of sexual exploitation, at-risk youth and youth training agencies. He has written for mainstream and faith based organizations.


Effective writing requires accurate information. Well written text engages the reader without losing them in generalized “fluff” or “corporateschpeak.” Digging down to find the key elements will distinguish your organization from others.

  • Interviews
  • Industry Resource Material
  • Communication Audits
  • Competition Audits
  • Focus Groups
  • Creative Services

If more than writing is required, UniMark Creative provides one-stop-shop services.


  • Online Content – Websites, Social Media, SEO
  • Electronic Advertising – Radio, Television
  • Videos – Corporate, Documentary, Online Specific
  • Print – Newspaper, Direct Mail, Posters, Brochures
  • Original Music – Jingles, Video Tracks, Program Themes
  • Reports – Annual, Quarterly
  • Manuals – Communication, Marketing
  • Media Kits – News Releases, Backgrounders, Quick scans
  • Speeches – For Live or Broadcast delivery
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